I’m really analysing things carefully now, and keeping problems in perspective, and I’ve just totally changed my diet and food intake.
I’m not starving myself anymore, but I am eating well, and properly; plenty of colour on the plate, a lot less packaged stuff; balance of carbs, protein and a little (good) fat; healthy and natural snacks (raw vegetable and nuts); have started a scrapbook on Sunday of healthy (but interesting) recipes to keep me interested; I’ve thrown all of the shit stuff out of the cupboards and fridge and have totally restocked; I am no longer allowing myself the bad treats (huge blocks of cheese before bedtime); the take aways have been axed (although I will eat out occasionally – but EARN it); I’m not drinking my calories either (having given up booze, I was drinking lots of fizzy stuff and concentrate and thinking THAT was good); I was having 6 or 7 large mugs of tea or coffee a day – with 3 sugars in… that’s stopped to one much smaller cup on the weekend days, plus the odd one during the week (level spoon of sugar)… 

I’ve basically turned into Cliff-F##king-Richard!
Oh, and I used to stay up to 2-4am most nights playing poker online. For the time being, I’m cutting that out and going to bed when my body tells me its tired; usually 9-10pm

My wife is a little worried that I’m getting unhealthily obsessed with being healthy! I’m not worried about that yet, I just want to continue with what I learned last week, and bring as much of it into my life as is possible, so that it becomes my new habit and my new behaviour.”